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Can Foreign Citizens Receive Organ Transplants in the US?



I am from Russia and I understand that lung transplants are not available in my country. My uncle, who is 70 years old, needs the operation because of lung cancer. Is he eligible for a transplant in America or Europe? How much will the operation cost? Thank you..


There are indeed programs within the United States that will consider transplantation for those from other countries who are otherwise acceptable candidates. 

Typically, there is an arrangement made prior to agreeing to proceed with the transplant operation, and the details of that arrangement (such as cost and payment plan) are specific to each transplant center.  One needs to contact the individual center and discuss the case with a physician or a transplant coordinator. 

With regards to your specific situation, your uncle’s age and affliction (lung cancer) may not allow him to receive a transplant in the United States.  Again, the details of the situation would need to be discussed with the individual transplant center. 

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