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Pain Management

Frontal Lobe, Ear and Molar Tooth Pain



This past week I`ve suffered from a summer cold, now i`m having Frontal Lobe pain along with intense Molar Tooth pain and my right ear will hurt- I`ll feel like it`s clogged up or it`ll start pulsing for a bit. When I tightly close my right eye the pain gets stronger above my eyebrow and temple. I feel like ripping out my tooth it hurts so bad. My mother noted that the right side of my face looked Slightly swolen compared to the left. Also the Pain intensified when i jump, run, bend over or turn my head too quickly. Im also very sound sensitive right now. I`ve never felt this sort of pain before, I do suffered from headaches all the time but never this grave or focused on just part of my head. Is it possible for this pain to be some sort of sinus problem or could it be a brain tumor?


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