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Endometrial Lining



I am 31 yr old healthy female. I was having severe lower right flank pain was being treated for a kidney stone with no relief.

Had a CT scan to find I didn`t have a kidney stone at all, I have a large tumor around my right ovary and a tumor/cyst located in my uterine cavity? I was also given a vaginal ultrasound and was told the endometrial lining was around 13.3mm thick and that I need to see my gyno.

I have been to gyno multiple times in the past I have heavy bleeding and pass large clots larger than half dollars
always have lower back pain and some pelvic pain and pain at times during intercourse always just had pelvic exam and told it may be a pelvic infection, put on antibodics. Now with these other findings I just don`t know if I should demand any specific test or should I be concerned with these findings? I just really wish the aching in the lower back and pelvic region would ease up. Any info is appreciated, thank you. I know the spot on ovary was around 6mm and in the uterine cavity 3.9 mm??


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