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Is This Depression/Dysthymia?



i feel empty, numb, i have no energy do to anything, i can`t enjoy anything, in fact i can`t feel anything… i had before moments when i felt sad, but now i don`t even feel that… i just feel nothing. when i was little i had some kind of energy, little comparing to other kids, but at least i had moments when i enjoyed playing, drawing, watching tv, or talking with others. now i have no passions, no pleasurable activities, just nothing. i feel so tired, exhausted, i just want to stay in bed without moving, and i wish someday i will fall asleep and never wake up. because life seems meaningless. i don`t feel SAD, but i just feel nothing….is this depression? would talking to a psychologist be helpful? i`m feeling like i have no reason to talk to one, cause i don`t feel sad. i just feel nothing…

my general physician said it might be anemia or something, but my blood tests were right. yet i still feel the same

the thing is it happens that sometimes i get through phases when i feel down and i`m suicidal (i never tried to commit suicide but honestly must say i`ve projected in mind myself doing it ) …but i must say most of the time i feel like this. i never have too much energy (only if i don`t get sleep 24-32 hours, i`m a little euphoric, but otherwise it never happens to me) i`m just empty, without energy and exhausted


You describe many of the features of clinical depression. Your next step is to go back to your doctor and ask for either medication for depression or a referral for psychotherapy for depression, or both. While waiting, you can learn more about depression and its treatment at various websites.

Begin with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance website and

The more you know about your illness, the more effectively you will recover and prevent relapsing in the future.

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