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Bonding After Removal of Braces



My daughters two front teeth have had root canals and bonding. She has about 6-9 more months of her braces being on.

What is the best option to repair the bonding after the removal, new bonding or crowns?


It is a good question. It really depends on the amount of enamel that was lost as a result of the injury. It is important to realize that the incisal edges (biting edges) of the front teeth are somewhat fragile under certain chewing movements.
On the other hand, bonding may be an interim procedure to be followed later by crowns. If the crown preparation is done at too early an age, then when the teeth have fully erupted the margin of the crown could be short. Certainly, crowns are stronger than bonding.

Another factor for some is the coverage that insurance companies are willing to support for the more expensive crowns and how long the individual is on their dental plan.

In short, you must discuss the merits of each option with your dentist but I hope I have given you some areas to ask about.

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