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VEGF test to predetermine if CA exists



Dear Doctor:

Cancer is very prevalent in our family: brain, renal, bone and so forth. We have learned in recent years of the VEGF test to determine if CA exists. We live in Hawaii. Is it possible to obtain the kit, take the test at home with the supervision of my caregiver who is a retired health care professional and send it to your lab for analysis?

Sincerely, Extremely Concerned


I can understand your concerns, but I don’t think VEGF (vascular epidermal growth factor) is being used as a general screen for the presence or absence of cancer in unaffected people. And as far as I am aware, no such test is available to the general public. There may be an inherited cancer susceptibility in your family, and there may be genetic testing to determine who has inherited the susceptibility and who has not. I suggest that you consider meeting with a cancer geneticist or a cancer genetic counselor for an assessment and a discussion of appropriate screening options. You can find a genetic counselor in your area by going to the website for the Society of Genetic Counselors.

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