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Does This Pattern Indicate Pre-diabetes?



My morning blood sugar averages 87 after a 8 hr. overnight fast. If I wait 2 more hrs before eating the blood sugar is 101. From my readings this indicates the liver is compensating for a possible low in blood sugar. Does this pattern indicate pre-diabetes or a normal reponse to possible low blood sugars? My readings throughout the day 2 hr. post meals are within 95-105. Again, my concern is pre-diabetes. Also, I exercise daily & the same phenemenon occurs with normal blood sugars before exercise (empty stomach) & as high as 114 after strenuous exercise.


It is normal after we wake up, for the blood sugar to begin to rise (even before eating breakfast); the body is preparing for the day’s activity and needs more fuel (blood sugar), than during sleep. Normal fasting blood sugars can be as low as 70, so it is doubtful that the liver is trying to compensate since 87 is in the normal range. A normal fasting blood sugar 2 hours after eating should not be over 140, so 95-105 is not high. Aerobic exercise can increase the level of adrenalin in the body which will increase blood sugar (the body needs more fuel for the exercise). Even with exercise your reading of 114 is not over 140. Having fasting blood sugars consistently in the 100-125 range can indicate pre-diabetes. There is also another test that is useful that your doctor could order: HbA1c. This measures what your collective blood sugars have been for the past 3 months. A normal value is under 6%. If an individual is diagnosed with pre-diabetes, it is good to meet with a certified diabetes educator to discuss a life-style plan to manage blood sugars.

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