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Penis Size and Andrioll Testocape



My questions is about penis Size. I am a 26 years old boy. My penis size is about 10cm length. I have no beard no mustache. While I was trying masturbation I had no liquid after getting Orgasm. But a urology Doctor advised me to use Andrioll Testocape to increass penis size and producing Testesrone as my Testicles too small couldn`t produce Testesrone. The drug had a primary affect ony my body but little on my penis size and still I don`t have beard. Is there any different drug eith to increase Penis Size and growing beard. for your information I have a hiar under my arms and around my testicles and penis. Your timely response apreciated.


At your given age you should have enough facial hair. However due to lack of testosterone you have not achieved full growth of the genitals and accessory sex organs. You need to check the serum gonadotropins, testosterone and karyotype study to be sure you do not have any chromosome abnormality.

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