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Not Waking Up After Anesthesia



My father had open heart surgery on Monday and has not awaken from the anesthesia, it is now Thursday. We are being told that his heart rate, his blood pressure, etc., have to improve before they will attempt to wake him. I don`t understand why he is not awake. He has had two other major operations requiring anesthesia and awoke within hours of those surgeries. Is there something we need to ask or address to get answers as to why this is happening?


Delayed awakening after heart surgery has many potential causes. The anesthesia, 4 days after surgery, is however unlikely to have anything to do with this delay. NetWellness has some general information available that you can access through our search feature

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Gareth S Kantor, MD Gareth S Kantor, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University