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Hida Scan 29% contraction but no inflamation



I had a hida scan done two days ago and the doctor said there was no sign of inflamation but my contraction rate was only 29%, my previous ultrasound showed no stones. He is convinced I have IBS or gerd and does not recommend the removal of my gall bladder. It`s obviously not going to get any better and when I asked him what I should do he said I should “change my diet”. I can`t go on only eating baked chicken and rice for the rest of my life. The technician at the scan could tell just by looking at my pictures and said removal was the obvious choice. Now he wants me to have an endoscopy before I see the surgeon. I thought anything under 35% was abnormal and removal is recommended?


While I agree a change in diet is a warranted trial, it should not be life long. There are steps we go through in deciding when a gallbladder should be removed. First is usually ultrasound, maybe EGD and then HIDA scan. If HIDA is positive, which yours was, then I recommend a visit to the surgeon who will then decide and weigh risk vs benefit of operating.

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