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Retinal Scars



I have scars in my retina this was diagnosed five years ago. I don’t have any changes in my vision from before, only that I cannot see long distance. Also I go totally blind when too much light is directed towards my eyes which means I’m not allowed to drive at night or should I say at all.

Since last year I have been feeling like my vision has deteriorated a lot, though the eye specialist I spoke to said that this should not normally occur. Please help me to know whether my condition can be treated. Thank you.


I obviously cannot diagnose or recommend a treatment for your retinal condition without examining you. But based upon my 35 years of experience, retinal scars are permanent and cannot be treated.

However, your symptoms of “cannot see long distance” and “I go totally blind with too much light” lead me to believe there is something else wrong with your eyes (in addition to retinal scars).

I recommend you see a low vision specialist in your area. Ask your optometrist or ophthalmologist to refer you so you can be tested with special lenses, lights, and optical magnifiers.

These low vision specialists should be able to (1) provide you with a definite diagnosis for your symptoms and then (2) maximize your visual acuity potential at both distance and near.

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