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MOHS Surgery vs. surgical removal ENT/plastic



How do I know which procedure to use? My dermatologist referred me to an ENT/plastic surgeon for removal of basal cell carcinoma, nodular on my right upper forehead. I was told by this ENT doctor that it was small. When I asked him about MOHS surgery, he said I could have that done as well. I am confused as to the best treatment for removal of cancer and scar even though it is under my bangs.


Mohs surgery allows the physician to examine 100% of the margin and gives the highest cure rate (as high as 99% for basal cell carcinomas that have not been treated before) Mohs surgery also allows for normal healthy tissue to be conserved so that the resultant scar will be smaller. I would recommend seeing a Mohs surgeon in your area. Make sure that surgeon has completed a year long fellowship in Mohs surgery. A list of fellowship trained Mohs surgeon can be found at the link below. 

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