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How Do You Treat Cold Induced Asthma?



I have cold induced asthma and every time I go for my walk and it is cold out I get this really bad cough. That is what my doctor called it, cold induced asthma. I am already taking 15mg per day of Prednisone for my RA. I know that sometimes oral prednisone is given for asthma. I am already on Prednisone,is there any other treatment? Is there any medication for cold induced asthma?


The cold air or sudden changes in the weather can trigger many people’s asthma. Preventing these symptoms is part of an overall asthma treatment plan. Asthma can be difficult to diagnose and there are other diseases that can mimic asthma so objective testing, such as lung function testing, is required to help make an accurate diagnosis of asthma. 

Prednisone is one medication for asthma that is usually used for sudden asthma attacks but given its many side effects, daily use is avoided as much as possible. Fortunately there are other medications that work very well for asthma and have allowed the majority of asthmatics to avoid the use of daily prednisone. An asthma specialist is often needed to assist with making a diagnosis of asthma and helping to choose the optimal treatment plan.

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