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Nine years ago I was pregnant with my first child. Before my pregnancy I had very healthy teeth no cavities, no problems, even through my teeth are very crooked and crowed. During the pregnancy I experienced vomiting at least twice a day, absence teeth and tooth decay. I did so and see many different dentist, but they would not see me during my pregnancy and after, it was more then I could afford. So I went to the local health clinic, where they had to pull the bad teeth. Over the years the decay has gotten worse and every time I go to a dentist, the first question is how long did I do drugs, I have never done drugs, I don`t drink, eat candy, and I brush, rinse, 2 to 3 times a day. Can you please recommend some one who is under standing, and affordable? Please I am in need of help.


Since I do not know where you reside, I suggest you contact the American Dental Association and let them know your location. I am sure they have some member that would be glad to see you. Sometimes with a history of repeated vomiting there can be loss of enamel which might be a contributing factor. This history should be related to whoever sees you. I hope this helps.

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