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Incontinence When Coughing



Please help! I have asthma which sometimes makes me cough. I recently got bronchitis and a sinus infection which made me cough a lot. I missed a whole week of work, not because I was too sick to work but because I was coughing so much my clothing would end up soaked in urine multiple times per day. I couldn`t possibly go to work in that state!

Please help me. I have an asthma doc who treats my asthma but he does not seem to want to address the issue of urinary incontinence. When I asked my primary care doc the answer was all about coughing, not about incontinence (i.e., using asthma meds to reduce coughing). But what about when I can`t help it? When you have asthma that makes you cough anyway, and then you get these other nasty bugs on top of it, there is no way you can completely avoid coughing (believe me, I`ve tried!!!!!).


In order to be of any assistance to you, we need to know your gender, age and parity. Also we need to know if you have pure stress incontinence or is it mixed with urgency. A urologist or urogynecologist will be able to help you by having answers to the above questions and a simple examination. Treatment is available based on severity of your condition.

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