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Skin Tag on Lower Tip of Tongue?



I have a skin tag looking that is white at the end on the tip of my tongue, it generally doesn`t hurt either. Except for today when I accidebtly bit it. I wear invisalign at night and there is kind of a scrape from those right in the area of the “tag” but I don`t know if that is the case, please help! Thanks!


What you describe most likely represents something called a fibroma (irritation fibroma, bite fibroma), essentially a bump of dense scar-like tissue that is often associated with local irritation (as from your Invisalign appliance) or trauma, such as biting your tongue. These bumps typically grow slowly, if at all, unless they continue to be irritated or bitten. 

Unfortunately, they do not go away on their own and a minor surgical procedure will likely be needed if it becomes a problem or if you want it removed. Have your dentist take a look and ask about your options. Good luck!

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