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Effects of Weight Management on Diabetes…..



Physical Activity, diet, lifestyle modifications, and possibly weight loss surgery are effects of weight management on diabetes and obesity but are there any others?


Thanks for your question. All of the above (exercise, diet, lifestyle changes such as adequate sleep and bariatric surgery) have all been shown to improve obesity and reduce the chance of diabetes. What’s left? There are several medications that improve blood sugar control, though some people may dodge medication just from losing weight or exercising. Currently, there is only 1 FDA approved weight loss medication left on the market (Xenical- a fat blocker). Last year, Sibutramine, an appetite suppressant whose trade name was Meridia, got pulled from the market due to its effect on blood pressure and risk for heart disease.

While there are other weight loss medications on the horizon, a healthy weight and diabetes control can best be achieved through consistent exercise, self-discipline and a balanced diet. Bariatric surgery is another option, though considerably more drastic than the others.

Good luck.

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