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6 Months Baby Coughing and Wheezing



Dear Dr

I have asked before a question about my baby cough and wheeze and you answered me, thanks a lot.

Just a minor clarification, my baby improves with Ventoline+Flexotied.

However, after he improves, he gets the cough and wheezing again while he is put on flexotide, and I am wondering why.

Please see my previous question below. 

Thanks a lot


If your son continues to have cough and wheeze on flixotide, then a number of issues may be going on. He may not be inhaling the medicine in a way that it gets down into the lungs (are you using a mask spacer device?), the dose may not be high enough, or he may have something going on that keeps irritating his lungs. 

Examples of this last problem are that he may be around cigarette smoke, he might have a persistent “sinus type” infection, or he might be getting small amounts of milk into his lungs, either as he’s eating or due to reflux. (milk coming back up out of the stomach) There are some other rarer causes of persistent wheezing in babies, but I usually check these possibilities out first. It sounds like it is time to go back and talk to your doctor further.

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