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Constant blood in mucus from the nasal canal.



For the past 2 weeks I have had to frequently blow my nose do from stuffiness, however I am not sick nor have I been since this has been going on. When I sleep I have to wake up because I cannot breathe. When I blow my nose at this point it is blood. During the day I nanot go 2 hours without having to blow my nose, and again it is blood. I had a nose injury when I was younger an the canals are some what caved in. Can you help me with an explanation?


During the winter months, when the air is cold and dry, bleeding from the nose is not uncommon.  It is usually because the delicate membrane in the nose becomes dry, crusts, and then bleeds.  When you blow your nose, you are probably dislodging some of this crusting, which again makes the nose bleed. 

Treatment usually involves humidifying the nose. This is most easily accomplished by spraying a saline or salt water mist into the nose. Such preparations can be bought over the counter at most pharmacies. You can also purchase a kit which allows you to actually rinse your nose with salt water. 

If you try this, and the blood persists, then I would urge you to consult an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician. A thorough nasal exam will make certain you do not have any underlying abnormalities that predispose to bleeding. 

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