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Lost Tooth



I was born with a gap tooth and when playing football I lost another front bottom tooth. It’s really hard for me to smile. Can you reconstruct my dental formation please?


Generally speaking, anytime you plan to replace any missing teeth there are three options. The first is a removable appliance known by most people as a partial. They may have metal frameworks and hook to other teeth to help hold them in place.

The second option is a bridge. This is cemented into the mouth and relies on the strength and size of the teeth next to the ones being replaced. 
The last option is to have dental implants placed. These are titanium screws that go into your jaw bone and then have crowns placed on top of them. You must have enough bone in that area for this to be an option. Costs vary significantly for these options as does the length of treatment. Consulting a dentist who you plan to perform the treatment will help you with the decision.

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