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Bone Cancer



To start off I had a ct scan for some pain in my back which they did a ct of the abdomen and plevic area. The scan showed nothing wrong in the abdomen and showed small calcifications in the sacrollic joint and worded like this. Likley a benign bone island seen in the femoral head. Had a MRI of the hip it showed nothing not even the bone island. MRI of the back showed herniated disc L4, L5, and S1. The doctors told that my pain in my hip is from the S1 herniated disc. I have sharp pains in my hip alot. This has been 4 years ago since I found this out. My question is since it has been so long is the bone island nothing to worry about if it is cancer would I have know it by now some sort of sickness symptoms anything of the such. should I have further testing done. 4 doctors told me it was nothing but only 1 of them actually looked at the scan. I still think in the back of my head it could be something but since it`s been 4 years ago should everything be benign like they told me. Thank you for your time.


The answer to your question all hinges on the imaging studies. If it truly was a bone island, than there is nothing to be concerned about.

Also, as you imply, one would expect that with four years having passed, it is unlikely that there was any cancer at the outset. However, without follow-up studies, you cannot be certain. Some tumors can be present and slow growing for extended periods of time.

I hope that helps.

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Patrick J Getty, MD Patrick J Getty, MD
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School of Medicine
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