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Thyroid Diseases

Large right thyrod



I have a multinodular thyroid with a nodule measuring 7cm x 5cm x 2cm in my right thyroid. The endocrinologist is recommending surgery because of the size only. I`ve had an fna which came up benign. She said the chance of missing the cancer increases with the size of the nodule, therefore recommending the surgery. It seems kind of senseless to me since it doesn`t bother me. What do you think?


The choice is yours. Given the benign FNA, the probability that there is a cancer in the nodule is small, but it is not zero. If you are willing to take the risk, which is probably small, that you are missing a thyroid cancer then your endocrinologist will follow you with physical examinations and ultrasounds to see if there are any suspicious changes in the nodule. Other possible outcomes that could be avoided with surgery include further growth of the nodule causing either compression of your windpipe or damage to the nerve to the voice box (causing either temporary or permanent hoarseness in your voice).

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