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Possible Ovarian Cyst



About two weeks ago I woke up with a severe pain in my lower abdomen. Within ten minutes I had a fever, clammy skin, vomiting, and was white as a sheet about to pass out. I went to the hospital, where they gave me a pelvic ultrasound but diagnosed me with nothing. They said it could have been an ovarian cyst but weren`t sure, so they told me to “keep an eye on it.” My periods have been very irregular lately, (about a week and a half later every month) and when my “period” finally came this week, I didn`t have any cramps, which are always present just before my period, and there is very little blood but large amounts of brown discharge.

I have never been on any birth control medicines, there is no chance of pregnancy and I have never had sexual relations before. I have bad acne and am wondering if it could all just be a hormonal imbalance. Is there any chance of this being an ovarian cyst? And in that case, what would I need to do?


I sure hope you feel better. I’d strongly suggest that you have a clinician check you out. You need to have some hormone evaluations. The pain could have been from a cyst which is not uncommon, but the fact that you have bad acne, menstrual irregularity and pain suggest that there is some need to have a followup. I’m sure that the practitioner can help you feel better and help that acne. Hope this helps

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