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Does Lump in Breast Affect Periods?



I am 23 and single with irregular menstruation. My periods are three, four or even five months late, and then become regular for some months. Never in a year do I get more than six periods. I also experience abdominal pain often and recently felt a lump in breast which is painful. Are these all related? Is this leading to some menstrual or breast problem? Please guide me.


The menstrual period results from a rather complex system of hormones rising and dropping at different times over the course of a month. Although most women take for granted that the period will come every 4 weeks on time, lasting 3-5 days, many women do not have these types of periods. In fact, what you describe is experienced by many women. You have more than likely something called anovulatory bleeding, that is, your ovaries and hormones aren’t in sync. The abdominal pain could be due to this, as well as the lump. However, I would recommend you see your doctor to get all of this sorted out. Most often, if tolerated, birth control pills can help regulate the periods. Best wishes.

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