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Lung (Small Nodule)



In a recent CT scan of my cartiod artery for blockage I was informed that a small nodule was detected on my lung. They have now ordered another CT scan to determine if it is truly a nodule or maybe scars. The doctors have almost quit worrying about my cartiod artery and scheduled me an appointment with a lung surgen (just in case). Is this a normal practice or is this something more serious they aren`t telling me? I smoked for years, and then quit on again off again. Last few years I smoked cigars.


A nodule in the lung could be a scar, infection or a tumor. Your physician ordered a special CT scan of chest which is a little different from the one you had when they were looking for carotid artery blockage. I don’t think that your doctors have quit worrying about the carotid artery blockage, but they are probably first trying to determine what exactly this lesion is. Given your smoking history the possibility of malignancy cannot be ruled out completely.

Depending on the character of this lesion on the chest CT your physician will be able to figure out if this is something to worry about. It will be a good idea to ask your doctor what the treatment plan is, so you have an idea of potential further tests or doctor visits.

A lung specialist (pulmonologist) could be someone who could help you in this situation.

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