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Mesioden Question



My 5-year old has a mesioden on her roof top directly behind her two front baby teeth. This evening she lost one of these baby teeth and we can see the adult tooth ready to come in but the mesioden is pressed against it. I’m concerned that the adult tooth won’t come in correctly with the mesioden right next to it and am questioning our dentist’s decision to wait to have the mesioden pulled until my daughter is six or seven. Any advice?


You are absoultely entitled to a second opinon. I think that if not a pediatric dentist, who is specialized in treating children, an orthodontist who may manage the eruption pattern would be a good resource.
It would be good to make sure the mesioden is not fused to, or as you mentioned, altering the path of eruption of the permanent tooth. Your dentist may be basing their decision on the fact that the permanent tooth is VERY immature and any trauma (such as being moved while extracting the mesiodens) may cause problems with the permanent tooth -so it is a reasonable thought. However, if you are not sure – get a 2nd opinion! 

Thanks for the question.

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