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Pain and Tightness from Scar or Surgery



Hi Dr Jean, Is there anyway I can get someone to save me? I have a daughter to bring up and this is torture. Everyday I have to live for her but my room for pain is limited. Obviously since this is so close to throat what are the options. 2nd I meant they retied my juggular vein. Where the pins are you can feel they enlarge with blood flow, excitement or pain so it seems. I have had so many evaluations and all I get is go back to surgeon or I can`t help u. When pain becomes so great and you have been hospitalized for so called feelings that will not hurt me I was told , in mental ward and your blood pressure is over 100 bottom reading and your heart is enlarged, indicates its more then a feeling it is what it is a problem. How do I find someone to address it. Is it better to let myself die from stroke and shaking and pain and tightness, Can`t a plastic surgeon work with a vascular specialist to make my life more comfortable? I just want to stop choking. Maybe not literally but quality of life feels like it right near my throat. Can I see you? Would you try to help? Can I fax you my records. Is it to personal to ask if you can save my families life literally?


Your pain is quite unusual and requires the evaluation of a pain therapist, if a vascular surgeon has already ruled out a vascular problem. I would advise that you seek follow-up care from a local physician.

Best wishes.

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