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Burning Area Where the Calcium in Breast



I have been suffering with burning in the breast area left only and in the 3 o clock ares where they find an area with accumulation of calcium. They say my mamograms are normal and even ultra sound normal except for the calcium. I have searched to find anyone else with pain of burning with calcium in the breast but so far no one has. I can`t have mamograms because for three weeks following the pain in that breast is very bad. Help and thanks


I’m so sorry that you are in such discomfort. I don’t know of any local treatment except for warm compresses and something like Advil. I’d ask your provider about trying some gabapentin or neurontin which are prescription drugs that sometimes help with what’s termed neuropathic pain which is similar to what you are experiencing. The calcium accumulation needs to be watched closely it can mask some other symptoms. Also, before (like 30-45 minutes) you have a mammogram, try taking 3 Advils or 2 Aleve tablets. These are anti-inflammatory medications that are over the counter. They may help to decrease the pain after the mammogram. Also, try applying some warm packs after the mammogram and that might help decrease the pain. Hope this helps. All the best.

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