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Interactions from the Following Drugs



furosemide 20mg. 1 a day/toprolxl 100mg.1 a day, mavik 4 mg. 1 a day, norvasc 5 mg. 1 a day, cephalexin 500mg. 1 a day, spiropolactone 25mg. 1 a day, clonideine 1 mg. 4 a day,,pravastatin 40mg.1 a day, asprin 325mg 2 a day, niacin 500mg. 1 a day, fish oil 1200 mg. 1 a day, omeprazole 20mg. 1 a day, calicum 2400 mg. a day, imdur 60mg, 1 a day. needed for meineres disease.


These medications can be safely taken together assuming you are checking your heart rate and blood pressure regularly at home, and you are following up routinely with a physician and they are monitoring your blood laboratory values for specific indicators (electrolytes, kidney function, and liver function). The dose of cephalexin is a little unusual; typically it is taken 3 or 4 times a day. You should check with your pharmacy and/or physician’s office to make sure there is not an error with taking it once-daily.

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