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Lower Belly Pain and Urge to Urinate



Hello, occasionally I will feel like I want to urinate but there is nothing left and I feel pain in my lower belly and have the urge to urinate and go and sit on the toilet every five minutes until the urge/pain goes away, i`ve had this since i was a teenager and it doesn`t happen very often. It will almost be guaranteed to happen if i`ve consumed more than a liter of water, milk or alcohol and msturbate before going to sleep. It only seems to happen before I go to sleep and once I manage to fall asleep it does not wake me up and the pain is gone by the morning. I`m a 42 year old man and slightly overweight but fairly active. Thanks for your help.


I am uncertain the exact etiology of your symptoms. Mild inflammation of the urethra or prostate can give similar symptoms and can reoccur. I would suggest that you be seen and examined by a urologist.

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