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Lung diseases

Interstitial Reticular Nodes



I am 44 years old, worked in industrial factories all my life, and I had a chest x-ray for a normal physical. Have not had an x-ray in 15 years to compare to. The new x-ray prompted a CT scan and it showed "Interstitial Reticular Node Pattern". I understand this round scar tissue like nodes in the lungs from damage possibly from pnuemonia, exposure to fiber and chemical over the years, or even hereditary reasons.

What is a likely progression of these nodes? Do they turn cancerous, do they spread, do they multiply? Am I looking at a long journey of down hill lung problems from here? How do the doctors know the nodes are not canerous or something else more serious? Is there any way to fix or clean out my lungs or reduce the noduals in any way? In lieu of fixing the nodes, can any other practices be done to reduce the effects?


Thank you for your question! There are many possible causes for the abnormalities seen on your CT scan, including, as you mentioned, work or home exposures, other medical conditions, or hereditary conditions.  It is difficult to answer specific questions about treatment options and the course of an individual's disease, as this depends on the cause of the abnormality and each individual's unique health situation.  


I think it would be very appropriate for you to meet with a pulmonologist to discuss your CT scan findings and options for further evaluation of these abnormalities.  This may include a test called a bronchoscopy or possibly a lung biopsy.  These decisions depend on your specific medical history.

Again, thank you for your question and good luck.

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Nitin Y Bhatt, MD Nitin Y Bhatt, MD
Clinical Assisstant Professor of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University