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How Can I Decrease My Breast Size?



How can I decrease my breast size? Is there is any exercise which I would perform? I`m young (my age is 24). Actually my upper body is much heavier then the lower body and my breast size is a concern for me. Please tell me the treatment plan?

Thanking you in advance!!


The overall size of your breasts is mostly fat tissue. Most of us have about the same amount of actual functional breast tissue (the glands that make milk when we’re nursing) and is about the same size for everyone. So, then we come to the question of how to reduce that fat tissue. Exercise mostly helps to tone the pectoral muscles but doesn’t have much if any effect on the overall size of the breasts. So, some weight loss would be helpful- a balanced diet with a decrease in fast foods, complex carbohydrates and lots of fresh vegetables will help.

Most of the time, for substantial breast reduction, surgery is the most effective approach. Here are some criteria that a reputable surgeon will consider before agreeing to do the surgery: Are you substantially overweight? Do you have consistent back pain because of the weight of your breasts? Do you have difficulty getting bras that effectively support the breast? Do you have difficulty getting blouses or tops that fit? Is your body proportional? Surgery is a serious business. Sometimes the consequence of having the surgery is that you would lose the ability to breast feed in the future.

When one is overweight and has excess fat, the incidence of increased scarring, infection and marked scarring (like keloids) and chronic discomfort in the incisional area are always possible. So, if you do decide on surgery, first lose as much weight as you can to get close to your ideal body weight (and do that safely) Then be sure you go to a surgeon who does this surgery frequently and has a reliable record. It the surgeon doesn’t ask questions and ask what you’ve tried to do to reduce the size of your breast’s fatty tissue, go to someone else. Sorry there’s not an easier answer- Hope this helps. All the best.

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