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Sun Poisoning Treatment



I got sun poisoning 3 days ago. Its still very painful and it`s affecting my sleep. I`m treating it with ibuprofen (which takes away a lot of the pain until it starts to wear off) moisturizing lotion and cool compresses. If I go to the doctor what more would they be able to do for me?


A severe sunburn is commonly referred to as sun poisoning. However, there are other photosensitivities or skin reactions that may occur that can appear similar. If you have a severe sunburn, it is important to cool the skin and reduce inflammation with the use of nonsteriodal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or naproxen. If you continue to have severe pain and disruption of your sleep after several days, you should see a dermatology specialist. Your practitioner may be able to suggest topical creams that may be more helpful or prescribe topical or oral medication if needed. Most importantly, severe and continued symptoms should be carefully evaluated as some skin reactions to the sun may recur or worsen with subsequent exposures.

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