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Microcytossis and Hypochromia



I am 26 year old man.I complain of dizziness,lack of concentration.poor short memory,easy fatiguability,dyspnea.on exercise>>>I made cbc and the result was hypochromia and microcytosis for haemoglobin is 15g.I do not understand how normal HB associated with hypochromia and microcytosis and what to do????


Thank you for visiting NetWellness! While it is difficult to specifically address a clinical question in this forum, this could very well be iron deficiency (no iron stores) without anemia, since you have enough iron to have a normal hemoglobin. However, with a normal hemoglobin, I don’t think this explains your symptoms of fatigue. I encourage you to follow up with your physician to find out other reasons why you may be so fatigued.

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