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10 Years of Daily Cocain Use



For over 10 years now i have put heavy doses of cocaine in my body, 5years snorting and now over 5yrs of smoking it. I am now over 40years old and am experiencing so many symptoms in several areas of my body. I know that you will advise me to see a doctor, of course I understand that is the only real way to handle this, however, at this time I am tring to stop first and then tell my physician all of the pains and ailment im going threw. Its just the way I am chosing to handle this. I was hoping that if I described some symptoms maybe your intelegence will assist my decision of how long is too long. I have all of the obviuos sign of physical deterioration, Extreme root Gingivitis,loss of teeth, large hole between nostrils and looks like i can see my brain in the back of sinus cavity. No control of bladder, when I think I may need to urinate, boom, right then I go with no control. Loss of hair, bad skin, nails and my overall appearance is not pretty anymore. For the past year I have felt heart palpatations, severe headaches, lung pains, left side waist pain,vericose veins going crazy out of the blue. (5 months now) Also numbness in feet, legs, hands ect. Blurred vision at different times of day or activities. swelling ankle w slight bruising 2 weeks ago till today, even though i didnt sprain it. Severe fatigue or lethargic behavior, very low red blood cell production is probably reason for that but could there be something else? I DO take Iron suplements daily. Also, about 4 months ago started a creamy vaginal discharge off and on (not yeast infection)- as well as this EXTREMELY painful experience several days up to 2weeks AFTER my period, my breasts will become sore slightly swollen but unbareable constant pain especially if I move. This will last about 4 or 5 days. the 2nd month it happend I did a mamogram(1st time) and results said negative for cancerous lumps. My neck gets super tight and sore off and on and there is a bad pain just below and left of where my rib cage connects, i guess my stomach. Ive done so much web research, hours and hours tring to figure out what all this crack abuse may have done inside my body. Tonight I spent 4 hours reading about breast lymphnodes, maybe thats the problem? I know I sound discusting, but Im really just scared. I know inhaling this burnt up-copper substitute metal, everyday for hours has GOT to be eating me up inside, right? What happens bc of the build up of nasties in my lungs? what about kidneys, how do I know they give up and just cant keep tring to clean things anymore? Sorry this is so long, its the first time Ive ever reached out for someones help or sdvise. What is phisically happening to my organs and bones?


Thank you for you questions. You describe many aspects of deterioration that can be related to cocaine addiction. I do not recommend that you spend time researching these symptoms on the web.

It would be much better for you to spend that same time: 1) seeing a physician immediately to get the medical symptoms evaluated 2) researching about your currently out-of-control addictive disease and 3) spending time with sober people in sober places.

At this point, anything else you spend time on is just distracting you from what you really need to do in order to protect your health and to protect your human spirit from the ravages of this disease.

Please seek professional help as soon as possible, and do not hesitate to write back.

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