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Breast Cancer

Calcification in Breast After Reduction



I recently had an annual mammogram and some calicification was found in my right breast. I had reduction surgery in this breast 3 1/2 years ago. It was to create symmetry after I had cancer (DCIS) and a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in my left breast almost five years ago. Could that calcification be caused by the reduction surgery? Also....how much of an increased risk of cancer do I have in the other breast? I`m very nervous about this as I have to wait six months for a follow up....I had been going once per year for the last 2 yrs. Thank you for any information!


Yes, calcification can be caused by the reduction surgery. About 10% develop cancer in the opposite breast over 10 years follow-up. If the radiologist recommends 6 month follow-up, the calcifications likely do not look too suspicious. You could get a second opinion on your exam and mammogram. You can have the most confidence in mammograms that are digital (not film) and are performed at a breast center where the radiologists have had subspecialty training in breast imaging.

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