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Inverted Nipple Won`t Pop Out and Discharge



I am 52, and had a full hysterectomy 5 years ago. In April I had an abnormal mammogram on right breast showing 5 cysts, which was determined to be benign by radiologist. I developed an inverted nipple on my right breast as an adult, but it would pop out when stimulated. Now it will not and I started to have a yellow discharge from nipple. Is this anything to worry about or is this all a part of aging? Thanks so much.


Thanks for asking a great question! Any time you have nipple retraction (that’s when the nipple won’t come out) and you have discharge especially if it’s only on one side- I’d be sure to go to your provider right away and get a professional exam and a diagnostic (not just a screening) mammogram. Please do this soon! All the best!

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