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Long-term Use of PPIs



I have bloating, tightness of Abdomen / Stomech, Nausea, Belches, Heart – Burn, etc. after meals. I have also little (Loose – Type) motion after every meal. Please advice medicines / treatments. Also whether the Proton Pump Inhibitors like Panataprazole, Rabeprazole and Esompraozole can be taken for very long term daily continously without harm. I am Diabetic and Hypertensive and both are almost under control with medicines. I am 74 having active working life in own office. Also, please advise about the medicine Levosulpiride, its use / indiciation, whether it can be taken long term daily / regularly.


I cannot advise on treatments, medicines without knowing what work-up you have had done. It sounds like an irritable bowel syndrome in which case an antispasmodic for the bowels may help (i.e. Levsin, Bentyl) but I cannot say for sure. It is safe to take the medications you mentioned long-term. There have been studies showing increased risk of osteoporosis so be mindful of your calcium intake and add supplement if needed. I do not have any information on the drug you mentioned.

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