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Lumps and Bloody Disharge



I am 24 yrs old 21 weeks pregnant. I have lump @ my right breast @ areola area. When I squeeze my nipple it had a bloody discharge. My OB referred me in a surgeon and said it was a intraductal papilloma using only breast exam, and he won`t remove the lump until I give birth. I notice that it grows bigger. Is it worth it to wait until I give birth or should I seek a second opinion? I am so depressed. I don`t want to risk the condition of my baby. Thanks a lot.


The risks of cancer are very low in someone your age.  Bloody nipple discharge can occur as a result of pregnancy or due to an intraductal papilloma.  It is most likely benign.  I think that it is always reasonable to get a second opinion if for no other reason than to give you peace of mind.

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