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I have been taking buspar for 3 wks. now. It has somewhat taken the edge off. I am still suffering mild anxiety in the mornings. My question is, should I also go back to an anti-depressant? Buspar is also making me feel somewhat detached from emotions. I can`t feel happy or sad. I was on celexa and it helped for a while, but I started having panic attacks. I am also starting therapy asap. I just want to be able to feel something.


I could not answer these questions, as they are specific to your care and treatment, and you need to discuss them with your medical provider. Generally speaking, the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, of which Celexa is one of many products, are considered first line medications for anxiety disorders.  Therapy is also considered an important part of anxiety treatment.  Treatment for anxiety disorders is quite effective, but often takes many weeks for significant improvement to occur.

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