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Urinary Disorders

Burning Urethra After Urinating, No Bacteria



For the past 6 months I have had frequent UTI symptoms..every time I go to the Doctors my urinalysis comes back clean (no blood, no bacteria). I have been on antibiotics about 9 times and it just keeps coming back. Most of the time the burning happens withing seconds after urinating and doesn`t stop for about 40 minutes afterwards. I also get lower stomach pains on occasion. I am a female in my 20`s, I drink loads of water,I have stopped eating spicy food, I have no STD`s..I`m just not sure what to do and my Primary Doctor isn`t giving me any answers. Thanks.


Urinary tract infection is defined by symptoms and also urine culture and analysis. Symptoms do suggest infection but tests do not support the disease. You need to see specialist such as a urologist or gynecologist.

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