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Tuberculosis Diagnosis



Hi I went to a gulf country where they did my chest x-ray & then they mentioned that I am infected with TB (not sure active or inactive). When I did my chest x-ray in my country it was negative and clear. However, my doctor suggested TBGOLD test which is positive. Now he told me to do a CHEST CT – Kocsh mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Can you please conclude something from this? I am confused. I never took any medicine for TB and no symptoms of the same.┬áPlease help.


It sounds as if you had one of the Interferon Gamma Release Assays (IGRAs) for TB done, and the result was positive, which is highly suggestive that you have TB germs infecting you, but doesn’t necessarily mean that you are sick with TB disease. You will have to ask your doctor what the results of the chest CT indicate.

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