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I have been having a pain right lower lung area,and across chest I have had ct,x ray, heart, bronchoscopy, checked out all ok.I have been having night sweats,fatigue,slight dry cough.I have been in the hospitial but didnt find any thing still sick.White blood count slightly elivated but everthing else normal.I have been sick for about 4 months with this. i can not get over the symptoms. Also hurt in left lower lung area feels like something stuck under ribs. dr put me on prednislone,Antibiotic etc.


There are many causes of chest pain including diseases of the heart, pleura (lining of the lung), ribs, spine, chest muscles, lungs, esophagus, pericardium (lining of the heart), etc.

Sometimes, pain from other locations, such as the liver, can be “referred” to chest, meaning that a person can feel pain in the chest when it is actually coming from a different location.

As specialists, we often focus mainly on possible causes of pain caused by the organ that we specialize in (for example, pulmonary [lung] or cardiology [heart]). Sometimes, review by a generalist, such as a general internal medicine physician, can be useful to insure that all various possibilities of pain are being considered.

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