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Chronic Constipation



I am a female, age 24, facing chronic constipation for ages. Since my childhood I have this problem. I eat healthy. My diet includes a good amount of fruits and vegetables, plus I drink loads of water as well. Now the constipation has accompanied with piles which is very painful. I have taken medications but to no avail. Kindly tell me is it a sign of some serious disease inside? What can be the possible reason for my case as I am having a healthy routine with excercise, etc.?


There are some conditions that can cause constipation that require an evaluation to diagnose e.g. “Hirsch sprung’s Syndrome”, primary colonic dysmotility. Fortunately, most constipation can be found related to events in earlier life. In any case, at age 24 there is an excellent chance for help. If not already done, a full evaluation of motility, etc., needs to be done and then a program worked out to help you.

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