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Vaginal Dead End?



I am 18 years old and it seems that whenever i insert anything into my vagina, I hit a dead end. It`s about 3 inches or so in, so I can use tampons and things like that, but I`m worried about how this will affect my sex life in the future. I`ve never had sex before and I`d like to figure this out before I do. I have regular periods and everything else seems fine.. Any help would be very very very much appreciated..


Hi. Thanks for asking such an interesting question. You may be feeling muscle as the vagina isn’t vertical. However, it’s probably a good idea to have a provider check you to make sure there isn’t an unusual condition.┬áRegarding┬áthe use of tampons, when you insert one it’s important for you to be sitting down or have one foot up on the toilet. Then point the tampon toward the small of your back. That will help you put the tampon in along the vaginal wall. Hope this helps. All the best!

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