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Yeast Infection



I have had yeast infections in the past years and it always settles with medication. It is never smelly only thick and itchy but this time I find somethings like warts at the entrance to the vagina. I have had the same partner for 23 years. I am 43. I have 3 children. Is this normal for yeast infections?


Bumps or raised lesions that appear at the entrance to the vagina could be from an infection, but not from a yeast infection.  Genital warts are a common infection caused by certain strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is transmitted sexually by any skin contact with a partner who is infected.  These lesions are usually painless and vary from small and localized to large and widespread.  Painful bumps may be a sign of herpes, another sexually transmitted disease.

Bumps can also be from inflammatory issues that are not related to sex.  Hair follicles or sweat glands can get blocked and inflamed, causing painful bumps that usually regress on their own but may require antibiotics.  Small pores can also get blocked and form small cysts under the skin that are usually painless but that may persist for years.

Any new skin lesion should be checked by a health care provider to see what is the cause and whether treatment is needed.

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