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Sarcoidosis and Diabetes Mellitus



Miy daughter has had sarcoidosis, also in the nerves, maybe even in the brain. Now she has got diabetes mellitus. Is it possible there is a link between sarcoidosis and diabetes mellitus, and so yes, what can you tell me about this link?


Dear Sir/Madam-

It is uncommon for sarcoidosis to cause diabetes mellitus; however, drugs commonly used to treat sarcoidosis can increase the risk of diabetes.  In particular, corticosteroids (e.g., prednisone) commonly increases blood glucose levels and can promote diabetes. Very rarely, sarcoidosis can affect the pancreas and may contribute to diabetes mellitus. Since diabetes mellitus is a common health condition, the concurrence of diabetes mellitus and sarcoidosis is often coincidental. Nonetheless, reliance on corticosteroids for the treatment of sarcoidosis should be minimized in those who have diabetes mellitus. 

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