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Quit Smoking



I want to quit smoking. I have tried the patches and gum they did not work. I tried the Zyban but I got very sick from it and my doctor told me not to take it any more. Is there something else I can do? Is there something there with no nicoten in it to quit?


You really seem motivated to quit;good for you! Another medicine besides nicotine or Zyban for cessation is clonidine; even though it is not FDA-approved for this, there is evidence that it is helpful. Some patients have found accupuncture or hypnosis helpful. Voluntary organizations like the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association offer low-cost programs that are very helpful. Commercial programs like SmokEnders, Smoke Stoppers are likewise effective. There are many state-supported organizations; you can find local ones by calling the US Office on Smoking and Health @ 404-488-5701. Some smokers who find it difficult to quit have depression; treating this makes it much easier to quit. Remember, each time you attempt to quit makes it more likely to eventually succeed. Keep trying until you stop smoking!

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