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Nicotine patches for those allergic to tape.



While traveling I talked to a man that sold medical supplies, specifically the little stick on things for doing heart tests. He told me that they had come out with a new nicotine patch for people who are allergic to the tape on the patches now being sold. I ask a pharmacist about this and she said she hadn`t heard of it. Can you please tell me if there is a patch that is available to those of us who are very allergic to the adhesive that is now being used for the patches. I have tried two brands and I can`t use either because of the itching and welts that result when I do. These welts and itching lasts over two weeks after I take the patch off and even when I stop using them all together. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me on this as I really need to stop smoking and have been unable to do it on my own, even though I am taking welbutrin for depression. I know that there is also a nasel spray but my dr refuses to prescribe it for me. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me on this matter.


Another option would be to use the nicotine gum to avoid the skin reaction altogether. This question does not fall within the scope of my topic area. I have forwarded your question to a NetWellness Expert who I hope will be able to provide you with an answer. In one to two days, please look for an answer to your question in the NetWellness Expert topic area called Pharmacy and Medications.

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