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NetWellness – Disclaimer

The purpose of this system is to make available to the public information about health matters. Like a library, it includes information from a variety of sources–textbooks, standard medical and professional journals, and articles about treatments which have not yet been proven safe or effective. It covers drug information, disease information, standard and alternative treatment information, and general health and wellness information.

Like a library, the database also includes information about medications and treatments which are alternatives to accepted medical practice. The system does not attempt to present a particular philosophy of treatment and does not endorse or promote any information presented. Information about health matters changes constantly as new studies are done and new treatments discovered.

The information you will see is not intended to be medical advice. It is general health information and does not take into account your particular health status nor is it a substitute for personal medical care. Drug information will not describe every adverse effect or every possible interaction between the drugs you may be taking.

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